Latest updates:

The UNC Health Sciences Library maintains a compilation of all COVID-19 updates from the University, state and nation.

Medical information:

UNC Health offers a guide of COVID-19 symptoms and information for COVID hospital patients. UNC Health also created a detailed guide for how to schedule in-person and virtual appointments. The Orange County Health Department has released a schedule with dates and times that COVID testing is available in locations throughout Chapel Hill and Hillsborough. 

UNC System tips:

The UNC System provides institution-specific resources and employee resources. The System has provided a record of university contributions, including details on coronavirus research in UNC labs.

Tech support:

ITS provides a guide for working remotely, including guidance for off-campus internet service, Zoom meetings, using VPNs, and remote call forwarding. ITS also maintains a webpage with tips for practicing safe computing from home.


Central HR offers a tremendous assortment of wellness resources for maneuvering through the pandemic, including exercises you can do while sitting at your desk, ways of dealing with anxiety, self-care tips, and much more.

cons of three people in a circle Carolina Together:

The Carolina Together Program provides guidelines that students, faculty and staff in the University community must follow. The University mandated that employees and staff who are experiencing symptoms of COVID should contact their supervisors and complete the COVID-19 Wellness Check