Freaky Friday gatherings for ITS staff-only were technology-transfer sessions in which we discussed projects or technologies we were working on or tools or tricks that were worth sharing from our work activity.

Freaky Friday launched in May 2016 and concluded at the end of 2019. Watch a video about the first year (3:12).

View additional photos from Freaky Friday events on Flickr in individual Freaky Friday albums by year: 2018, 2017 and 2016.

May – Jim Gogan – UNC-Chapel Hill Network: A Software-Enabled Network

June РDennis Schmidt / Kevin Lanning / Ingrid Camacho / Lyndon Joyce РPhishing: Who Needs Bait?

July – Celeste Copeland and Ethan Kromhout – What Internet2 Trust and Identity in Education and Research (TIER) Initiative Means for UNC-Chapel Hill Identity Management

August – Kate Hash and William Earnhardt – Slack: A Collaboration Tool

September – Paul Wolff – 20 Years of ResNET

October – Matt Conley and Alan Gerber – Cisco UCS Implementation and Update

November – Patrick Casey and team – Using Splunk

December – Kim Stahl – A Policypalooza

January – Sandra Germenis – Change Management or How to Properly Load a Potato Gun

February – Michael Williams – But What Do These Fancy Firewalls Actually DO?

March – Boris Kurktchiev – CloudApps and Containers

April – Vaughn Booker – Skype for Business

May – Adair Thaxton and Chris Florio – RouterProxy and Network Information Tool

June – Tim McGuire – Collaboration with Office 365

July – Kate Hash and Kim Vassiliadis – Digital Services

August – Alan Gerber and Matt Conley – Cisco UCS: Identifying Problems and Developing Lessons Learned

September – Patrick Casey – Confluence and Jira

October – Celeste Copeland – Authentication (October 13 instead of October 20))

November – Alison Campbell and Brett Vasu – Microsoft Teams

December – US&E – A Look Under the Hood (or How to Defuse a Bomb)

January – Candace Reynolds – Projects and Project Charters

February – Rachel Serrano – Everyday Ways to Do Analytics

March – Brenda Carpen – Project Management: Methodologies, Techniques and Tools

April – Jessi Fraley – The Dark Arts of Advanced Analytics and Data Science: Winguardium Linear Regression

May – Fran Dykstra – ERP?

June – Information Security at UNC: Current and Future Projects

July – Anita Collins – Resistance Is Futile Normal: The people side of change management (July 27 instead of July 20)

August – Don Hepp and Gina Fogelsonger – Should We Say “Yes”?

September – Dave Safian – Splunk

October – Suzanne Cadwell and Vaughn Booker – Zoom

November – Mike Barker – Update on Chief Technology Officer activities (Special time: 1-2 p.m.)

January – Larry Fritsche and Charlie Mewshaw – Safe Computing Site

March – John Mack and Brent Caison – ITS Disaster Recovery

April – Liam Greenwood – Research Computing Infrastructure

May – Anita Collins – You Too Can Be a Mean, Lean Thinking Machine

June – Bob Poliachik – We sell stuff? The Infoporte Shopping Cart

July – Chad Ray – Hands-on live demonstration of Fiber 101

August – No presentation

September – Will Whitaker – An Introduction to DevOps

October – Stephen Braswell – Cloud Update

November – DAO – The Wild World of Digital Accessibility

December – No presentation

Liam Greenwood speaks to group
Liam Greenwood
Chad Ray splices fiber cables
Chad Ray