ITS Managed Desktop Services (MDS) generates all end-point computing device purchase requests. ITS Managed Desktop Services does not approve or deny requests. MDS gathers details to enable your management and ITS Finance & Administration to make a decision. For each request, MDS verifies current asset allocations, checks available inventory and reviews lifecycle allocations.

How to request a new device (purchases)

If the device cost is >$100 or connects to the network, submit a ticket to Managed Desktop Services.

Include all the details needed to make a purchase:

  • For computers, include details for device assignment
  • The role and name of the employee who will use the device
  • Indicate whether it is a new role or an existing role
  • Any other justification that might influence the purchase decision

Managed Desktop Services will create the request (RF-1) and route it for the appropriate approvals.

If the device cost is <$100 and does not connect to the network, purchase can be made via PCard.

How to request a change to an existing device (transitions)

For existing devices (not a purchase request), submit a ticket to Managed Desktop Services for all machine changes. This includes requests for:

  • Reassignment within your department
  • Machines out of service or no longer in use (devices placed in drawers or shelved)
  • Surplus


MDS is responsible for the organizational documentation and system-level management of all ITS-owned end-point computing devices that employees use. This includes computers purchased by ITS and computers obtained through other means.

MDS enrolls ITS computing devices in ITS management systems and monitors them for continued health and optimum performance.

Unit managers and AVCs must review and approve any exception from desktop management enrollment.

MDS catalogs new purchases in the asset management system. This service includes tagging the device with a barcode and help line number, imaging the device (reloading the base operating system), and loading and deploying other software.

MDS tracks movements of computers between assigned users. ITS divisions determine device assignments and movement. MDS records these changes in the asset management system, refreshes computer software, and renames the device to reflect the change in the user.

MDS prepares for and documents all devices designated as surplus. This includes:

  • Removing the hard drive
  • Erasing data
  • Salvaging
  • Certifying sensitive information removal