We often convey our brand to the public through websites and presentations. Keeping these elements standard is very important.

Website Templates

If you are building your site in WordPress, we ask that you use the new Heelium theme created by Web Services. You can access that theme by logging into your WordPress account and navigating to Appearance > Themes and choosing Heelium. You should use the theme options panel to add the ITS logo to the header of your site. The subsite name should be in plain text.

Heels-Lite-ScreenshotIf you are creating a site from scratch that is not in WordPress, we ask that you use these templates created by Digital Services. Heelium Lite is a UNC and ITS branded static HTML theme. Heelium PHP is an application agnostic PHP version of Heelium Lite. If you have any questions, contact Kate Hash, ITS Communications.

Download Heelium Lite Template .zip Download Heelium PHP Template .zip


Presentation Templates

The PowerPoint templates provided below are extensions of the official, Carolina-wide templates made available by UNC Creative. We ask that all presentations given on behalf of ITS use one of these three templates. If you need a custom template for a special presentation, please contact Kate Hash for guidance and design services.

  • Simple Carolina Blue Template |  .ppt
  • Campus Background | .ppt
  • Abstract Background |   .ppt

Presentation Best Practices

  • Please use Georgia as your serif font and Franklin Gothic as your sans-serif font
  • Do not alter Carolina blue wherever it appears
  • Do not stretch or otherwise edit the ITS logo. If you need a different size for your presentation, please ask Kate Hash.